Sevco’s Morelos Problem Almost Went Nuclear Yesterday. They Need To Sell Him Fast.

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Yesterday, Sevco’s directors had their worst moment of the season so far.

Amidst all the talk of their club setting a record which will be rendered meaningless when this campaign ends, there was a heart stopping moment just before the 60-minute mark.

Alfredo Morelos was carried off the pitch on a stretcher.

If that injury is more serious than the club is letting on, they are in a world of hurt.

Morelos has no future at the club; they are desperate to off-load him.

If that tackle yesterday has, or had, done serious damage their chance of selling him in this window would have dropped to zero.

As it is, I think they are going to struggle.

Everyone at Ibrox would have been horror-struck when he was taken off yesterday.

They would have seen a catastrophic scenario become flesh, right in front of their eyes. Their financials have to be absolutely dreadful at the moment … survival depends on at least one high profile sale, and their fans would burn down the stadium if Kent went right now.

Morelos is it. Can you even imagine how it would have gone down in the director’s box if they had turned down Lille’s initial offer and then had to do without the player for the campaign anyway? The hit would have been colossal, the consequences massive.

But they are riding their luck here and they know they are.

They understand that this is a risky business. They know that they need to move Morelos out the door, but they have boxed themselves in by asking for an enormous fee, a fee which it doesn’t look as if they will ever realise. The pressure is on them.

For just a moment yesterday, total disaster stared them in the face.

Even their most vocal and arrogant board members would have had to confront it in that moment when it became clear that the player was coming off.

They have played a dangerous game all summer long, and that was the warning shot.

Woe betide them if they ignore it.

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