Date: 1st September 2020 at 8:01pm
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Sevconuts. They do love their little irrelevant victories, don’t they?

At the start of the summer it was winning a friendly cup completion, which they imagined somehow represented a real success.

No other team in the tournament was taking the games remotely seriously but they somehow made themselves believe it was major.

There is nothing like a raving Sevconut to make the heart swell with pride at being something else.

They have been so long without success that they cling to every minor triumph as if it were a Champions League win.

But this defensive record thing is almost too stupid even for them.

Celtic has held that record for more than 100 years, but if someone had asked me about it before this week I couldn’t have told you that, just as Sevco’s own players didn’t know it when they equalled their own club record of opening game clean sheets.

Nobody actually cares that much.

I mean, this stuff might sound impressive to the statisticians but the real records are much harder to come by and they mean something much more.

First club ever to win a Double Treble in Scotland.

First club ever to win a Treble Treble.

The Quadruple Treble is up next and we have a right good chance of winning it.

Only club in Britain and one of the only clubs in world football ever to go through an entire domestic calendar unbeaten.

Those are records. Those are real records, with the trophies to prove it.

This is one of those temporary lifts they like to give themselves, and it will be impressive only until it no longer is, only until the first dropped points or the first defeat.

Only until the first bad performance and the shouts for Gerrard’s head on a spike are being taken up on Ibrox Noise.

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