The BBC Published A Misleading Celtic Headline Today, Which Actually Made Me Laugh At Ibrox.

Image for The BBC Published A Misleading Celtic Headline Today, Which Actually Made Me Laugh At Ibrox.

When I woke up this morning I did what I always do in the morning; I checked the headlines on Newsnow to see what I had missed overnight.

The first one I saw, and it was from the BBC, well it made me laugh out loud.

It was the most clickbait one I’ve ever seen from that organisation and I knew instantly what the actual story was without having to click in.

But that was not what made me laugh. It was something else that struck me as funny.

The BBC headline read “Celtic Eye Move For Rangers Striker”.

It was one of the BBC “Gossip” pieces, but they knew that would generate traffic and it has; at the time of writing this the story still sits at the top of the most clicked on stories in the past 12 hours … so it’s a job well done for the headline writer, even if the premise of it is fundamentally dishonest. The player in question is not a striker but a winger … at QPR.

Yet I found it funny, and I daresay the writer had my immediate thought in mind when he put the piece up.

Because my first thought was; “Well, this was inevitable … since every other club in Europe has been linked with Morelos it was only a matter of time until they got around to us.”

And it’s true, because everyone on social media is openly mocking the press right now over the multitude of Morelos stories which have pushed by these outlets in the past two years.

The latest name is Fiorentina, but this comes at a time when West Brom, Porto, Marseille and Inter Milan are also being talked about; all stories from the past week.

Phil Mac Giolla Bhain has taken to calling it Morelos Roulette; we’re all sitting with a ticket waiting for our team’s name to come up.

Knowing my record, I’d get Celtic in the draw, but today I wondered briefly if that number had come up.

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