The Castore Catastrophe Is Blossoming Into A Major Scandal. Where Is The Media On This?

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The other day, the Irish journalist Phil Mac Giolla Bhain published a piece on the continuing crisis between Castore, Sevco and the Ibrox supporters.

The fans over there are furious at how the retail situation is progressing.

The club has not said a single word in their defence. Not one.

A meeting between fans, the club and Castore has been held and despite a “positive” account of it being published online, many have labelled a sham; ten “random fans” were selected for the sit-down whilst fans organisations were left outside.

It was the most controlled environment one could have imagined. Questions which were being asked on the forums, and which Club 1872 submitted to the club, were not asked at all. Some of Castore’s excuses were absolutely pitiful and stretched credulity to breaking point.

Those who’ve been watching this know there is more here than meets the eye.

Phil reckons that this is the tip of the iceberg and that beneath all of it there is a very big scandal. The whole thing stinks, and you can tell that even from the outside … if this were our club and our kit manufacturer I’d want to know every detail and wouldn’t stop digging.

To be fair to the Ibrox fans, a lot of them are. Club 1872 know this reeks because they’ve been at the heart of so many of the club’s initiatives and PR operations and they understand that their being cut out of the meeting is deliberate, because they have the collective weight to , and get, real from people and the reach to make those answers public.

Sevco did not want the largest supporter’s organisation there because they know that there are questions they cannot answer.

They know there are things that they cannot have getting out.

There is a reason they have not offered a word of criticism of Castore; Phil said that Castore are angry enough at the way they’ve been thrown to the wolves.

But Castore’s own reputation is on the line, and if Phil has it right – and he’s been on the money right down the line so far with this – they aren’t going to simply accept being slandered by the Ibrox boardroom when there’s a much bigger story to tell.

That much bigger story is begging for attention.

All the pieces are out there, if anyone in the mainstream press cares to look at it.

Once again, it’s a NUJ member based in who is most on the ball, although these are Scottish fans being ripped off … and he doesn’t even particularly like them or the club who are running the con.

You’d think the press over here would be a wee tiny bit concerned … but as long as the Ibrox board itself is in on the scam, who should our hacks care about the little Peepul?

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