The Low-Grade Media Hum Against Shane Duffy Reeks Of Fear Of What He’ll Do Up Here.

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Earlier today, I posted a piece about Shane Duffy and how he’s an obvious option to replace Scott Brown as captain if he remains at the club.

In that piece, I wrote about how impressed I am with his leadership skills, and especially in front of the media.

The media has had an interesting reaction to the Republic of Ireland’s poor performances.

Some of the hacks have found a way to blame Duffy for them in much the same way as they still believe it was Steven Gerrard single-handedly who won Liverpool the European Cup that night in Istanbul instead of acknowledging the role of the managers and the tactics.

Two days this week, The Record Hotline headlines – the barometer of idiotic opinion – has screamed anti-Duffy nonsense.

That is not even subtle. It’s one of the oldest, and cheapest, of the tabloid’s tactics against us.

No attempt is being made to even disguise, for a second, what they are up to here.

This is an effort to put pressure on the player from the off.

Fear wafts off this kind of coverage. That’s the only word for it.

These people are scared stupid of what the big man is going to do up here, to attackers and defenders both.

He comes with the right pedigree, he comes with the right leadership skill-set.

There is no doubt whatsoever that he will be a huge hit in the Hoops … and that worries Peepul for obvious reasons.

He might well be the final piece in the Neil Lennon jigsaw, and if that proves to be the case then we can stick ten in the bag.

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