Gerrard The Best Manager Of The Best Team In Scotland? The Press Does Like Making Celtic Fans Laugh!

Image for Gerrard The Best Manager Of The Best Team In Scotland? The Press Does Like Making Celtic Fans Laugh!

When the Lincoln Red Imps manager praised Steven Gerrard as “the best manager of the best club in Scotland” you wondered whether there was a little tongue in cheek going there, or simply a boss boosting his rivals in order to claim a greater success if his team won.

Or it could have just been delusional.

If I’m being honest, I don’t particularly care which of these it was.

The media made much of it as if we were talking about a football giant giving an opinion which would pass into general acceptance, instead of his being the manager of a tiny foreign club and utterly irrelevant to any understanding of the Scottish game.

Nothing bears out the claim.

Not the league table where we’re three points and a goal behind with a game in hand; not last season’s table, where we were comfortably ahead; and not the trophy haul over Gerrard’s pitiful tenure where we’re five from five.

Gerrard has been cruising on hype for two full seasons.

It is no surprise to see him hyped to the max here in his third.

But what’s the reality?

Gerrard has outspent every other team in the country bar Celtic.

If you didn’t see an improvement for the kind of money he’s been given then something would be far, far wrong. His answer to every dilemma is “spend more.” He has signed another half a team this summer and he still wants more players.

This is not a guy with a big future in the game.

The media loves this kind of nonsense, of course.

There are moments when they infuriate you and there are others where they are unintentional sources of laughter and amusement, and this is one of those times.

The idea is too ridiculous to debate seriously.

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