The Morelos Story Is Like A Revolving Door The Media Can’t Escape From.

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Sometimes you have to think of our media like a hamster spinning its wheel. They go round and round but get nowhere. Another way to look at it is like being stuck in a revolving door. They struggle to break but always end up back in the same place.

And so it is today, as the Morelos saga takes another … twist?

Well, not really. Instead, they’ve come full circle and the rumour mill has gotten around to Lille again.

Did we really run through all the other options on Morelos Bingo that quickly? Apparently so because just days after the French club confirmed that they wouldn’t be buying anyone new until players went the other way, the media is breathlessly reporting that Sevco has a new offer from them.

I don’t know … did our hacks all miss the Financial Fair Play warnings that the French club got? Or that they recently signed a striker for vast sums of money? Or do these things not matter to them in the grand scheme?

Morelos must have whiplash from these stories. I know the rest of us do.

Is it a coincidence that these tales have re-emerged this week?

Of course it’s not, no more than it’s a coincidence that Leeds are being linked with Kent again. Sevco faces a perilous European tie and if they go out then at least one of those two is going to have to be flogged for whatever the club can get if they are to even attempt to meet the shortfall.

The Morelos story is particularly interesting of course since someone in the Ibrox boardroom had a word with the manager and warned him about leaving Morelos on the bench … there’s no better or surer way to depreciate a footballing asset, of course.

To hear Gerrard talk about him the other day, you’d have thought it was all sweetness and light between the pair of them. Seasoned observers know that’s a fantasy.

To me, listening to Gerrard go through the panoply of praise the other day was like watching, again, that notorious moment in the 2006 General Election when Tony Blair bought Gordon an ice cream for the TV cameras. “You lick mine and I’ll lick yours,” was the sickened verdict of one cabinet minister who was only one of about 50 million people who knew the two of them couldn’t stand the sight of each other by then.

In a way it’s kind of hilarious to see the manager backtrack like this because it’s a further weakening of his power, a sign that even if he’s somehow won the dressing room back the boardroom is starting to impose its own will on him ….

Notice, if you will, how he rolled back his demand for new players at the weekend by saying he acknowledges some have to leave first.

The media doesn’t want to talk about that, but Gerrard has been given a dose of reality inside the club itself and I strongly suspect the rehabilitation of Morelos is another aspect of it.

The window for getting rid of this guy or another top earner at Ibrox is closing rapidly.

Two weeks from tonight it shuts with a bang, and there’s desperation in the air. The media will be fed lies and half-truths and all the other assorted stuff when Sevco wants somebody out of the building … but as I’ve said to you before, the people who matter don’t read The Daily Record.

Two weeks folks, and this little farce is at an end. So too will all the stories linking Eddie with a move away, and Ajer to Milan and whatever else.

They’re going to be a long two weeks for us … but think of how quickly they’ll go by in an Ibrox boardroom where the ticking of the clock is in direct competition with the depletion of the reserves.

Every second that goes by, their position becomes worse.

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