The Record Prints Its Third Anti-Duffy Hotline Headline In The Space Of A Week.

Image for The Record Prints Its Third Anti-Duffy Hotline Headline In The Space Of A Week.

The Daily Record really ought to change the … err, record.

I wrote the other day about the distinct smell of fear wafting out of the newsrooms right now, and tonight The Record has provided us with yet another sterling example of it.

The Daily Record Hotline, repository of idiot opinion, is one of those things that screams out at you from the news aggregator feeds, and for the third day in the space of a week – and the guy only signed for us last week – they chose to highlight a call, in their headline, which was contained a dig at Shane Duffy.

Think about that. Three times in a week.

As I said in yesterday’s piece, this isn’t even subtle.

The first two questioned his talent, the one today disavowed all his professed Celtic connections and called him a mercenary. Now I know that sane people amongst our support don’t care what The Record writes, but you have to admit, three negative headlines in a week about the same player isn’t accident but design.

This is how it starts.

The media wants Duffy under pressure before he even pulls on the shirt for the first time.

On the day of his official unveiling The Record has unleashed the dogs in the form of their pitiful “fans opinion” section, which is edited by Michael Gannon, no friend of our club and not the sharpest tool in the box either.

But he knows what he’s doing on this one.

A trained chimp could do this job, as it basically only involves following a few simple rules of thumb.

Attacking Celtic is second nature to some of these people, and that newspaper has long been a breeding ground for that dark art and those who practice it.

But with this being the ten campaign it’s going to be worse than ever.

Duffy is going to dominate up here. He will cruise through the games and stand out a mile in them like no player in that positon has since Virgil Van Dijk … and the press knows this.

Which is why the campaign to chip away at him has started before he even gets on the park.

Because once he does get on it, he’s going to leave the outcome in no doubt.

Ten in a row, people. That’s what he’s here for.

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