Date: 11th September 2020 at 1:51pm
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The Hotline Goons are at it again. Far be it for me to tell that paper how to run its editorial department, but here’s a little free advice for them; if you’re going to publish ridiculous commentary at least do your homework on it or risk humiliation.

The Hotline is an embarrassment in and of itself. It publishes the calls of only the most pig ignorant people.

I mean, let’s face it, if you’re calling a premium line to line the pockets of Record executives your IQ is breaking the sound barrier anyway … but if there are worse callers than those the paper features you really have to worry about the gene pool.

But it doesn’t seem to matter who is running that nonsensical part of the paper on any given day; the results are the same.

Stupidity proudly displaying itself.

Today the Hotline headline reads thus; “Odsonne Edouard’s laughable £40m Celtic valuation would only make sense if he had Alfredo Morelos’ Rangers goal record.”


And so you know what I did?

And I know this is cheating, right?

I went and I checked and I turned their scoring records into a scoring average.

Edouard averages a goal every 1.9 games. Morelos gets one ever 1.79 games.

There is almost nothing between these two.

In terms of minutes on the pitch Morelos has more, so of course he has more goals.

And Eddie scores regularly for the French Under 21 team … according to Wiki he has 13 goals in just 8 games for them, which is phenomenal considering the talent they have.

According to Wiki, Morelos has 79 goals in 142 games at Ibrox.

Edouard has 66 goals in 130 games.

When he’s played 142 we’ll see what the figures are.

Honestly, The Record consistently sets itself up for reversals like this and none of its “journalists” seem to care that most of us are laughing at them now almost all of the time.

To resurrect this tired claptrap when Morelos is sulking on the bench these days because his manager doesn’t trust him and can’t stand him sums up the idiocy at that paper.

People stopped doing this comparison ages ago, because no sentient person really believes that Morelos and Edouard are comparable as footballers; our bhoy is so far in front of him in terms of pure technical ability it’s darkly hilarious whenever people try to resurrect this debate.

On top of that, Eddie has none of the issues that stalk Morelos and his time in Scotland.

When Edouard goes we’re not going to have to invent stories in order to get the price we know the player is worth.

It’s going to happen because the people who matter – scouts, managers at top teams and the directors who sign the cheques – trust our club, first and foremost, and have actually watched Eddie and know he’s a superlative football player.

Sevco, in the meantime, struggles to offload the moody Colombian, inventing interested parties in the hope of drumming one up.

It is shameless but it’s also quite funny.

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