This Has Been A Very Good International Break As Celtic’s Players Get Amongst The Goals.

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Well, this has been one heck of an international break for us so far, with no fewer than four of our players having got amongst the goals at the time of writing this article.

It is half-time in the Scotland game and Ryan Christie’s penalty has given us yet another lift after Duffy scored last night and Eddie and Klimala scoring for their Under 21 teams earlier.

It is great to see so many of our players doing so well during this particular break.

They should come back to the club feeling full of confidence and raring to go.

The press will try to put the dampeners of this by talking about Klimala looking match fit, Eddie having made a miraculous recovery, Christie being unsettled and Duffy giving away a goal before he scored one; you wait and see, there will be variations of all this nonsense in the media before the weekend is out, but none of it should concern us.

Klimala is getting sharper, and more ready, with every game.

He’ll be buzzing by the time he gets back to Celtic Park.

The French medical team confirmed that Eddie was touch and go, but they’ve declared him fit at the last minute and that means he should be fine for Ross County next weekend.

Those who say Christie is unhappy have not one bit of evidence to back it up, except for an interview with his dad that was blown out of all proportion.

Duffy had an excellent game last night and although he took some responsibility for Bulgaria’s goal I think he was simply putting himself in the firing line to take the manager and his central defensive partner out of it … as a captain does.

We can debate that one all day, but in the aftermath of the match he actually seemed pretty down on himself … and I like that.

We’re talking about a guy here who sets the highest standards for his team.

A number of our players are still involved in games as I write this, a bunch of them in the Scotland- Israel game where we have players in both teams … we may yet get another goal-scorer among them. I am just delighted that they’ve done so well thus far.

In the case of Eddie, you never doubted it, but Duffy’s goal was joyous to see, Christie’s might have been a penalty but it reminds us how reliable he is and Klimala’s goal is going to be hugely important in building his confidence and our confidence in him.

Good night for us bhoys and ghirls, at the end of a much better week.

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