Thugs Torch McGregor’s Car And Once Again Sevconia Erupts With Scattergun Outrage.

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The news, last night, that Allan McGregor’s car was torched in what police are describing as a “targeted attack” has sparked the usual outpouring of paranoia in Sevconia as their supporters get riled up and blame people in green and white football tops.

It is a mistake to comment too much on this stuff, but they get hysterical, over there, about everything and it’s not a surprise to see them losing the rag over this.

If they’d take a minute and think about it they’d see that this is not being treated as a “football related” crime and thus almost certainly isn’t … but that isn’t going to stop them howling at the moon.

The things they choose to get worked up over, honestly.

I’m not minimising what’s happened here; it’s a shocking, cowardly act which nobody should have to endure.

The people responsible should be caught and prosecuted to the fullest limit of the law.

The sort of people who’d do this are gutter scum, whatever their motivation.

But a lot of folk in Sevconia aren’t really interested in establishing the facts or finding out what the facts might be. They’ve made up their minds that this was about their ongoing “persecution” by Scottish society, just another manifestation of the hatred they endure.

Where do they get this stuff from? Is it really possible that they do feel this persecuted? Or is it all part of an elaborate act? Something to rile the stupider amongst them up and build a siege mentality? The way they react to these things is just plain weird.

For starters, some of them are moaning about how this has been covered in the press, or not covered if you want to put it another way.

They appear to believe it’s being “swept under the carpet.”

But this was on the front pages of at least two papers this morning, which is how they know about it, and the biggest two at that. Apparently they are upset that the headlines didn’t scream the involvement of Peter Lawwell and Neil Lennon …

They are concerned that the police don’t take it seriously … but they are investigating it fully as the reports make clear.

There is some suggestion that it will be swept aside as “other” inquiries were, including the famous Morelos car-bomb plot which of course turned out to be nothing of the sort and turned into a huge embarrassment for the club and its PR arm.

Others want to blame the Scottish Government, as if Nicola Sturgeon herself was caught sneaking into the house afterwards covered in soot and reeking of gasoline; quite what this has to do with the SNP at Holyrood isn’t made immediately clear in their rants, except that Scotland hates them and that’s somehow the fault of the ruling party and nothing to do with stuff like this, their sense of outrage which never lessens and gets no less ridiculous.

Others are blaming their club for not “going on the offensive” over previous incidents … most of those incidents have either not been proven or proven to have been nothing to do with football; that they are turning on their own board over it shows how scattergun their anger is, and when you’re reacting that way it’s probably time to sit down and take stock.

My own suspicions – and that’s all they are – are that the clue is in the word “targeted.”

Whoever did this knew it was McGregor’s car and that’s why it was done. It wasn’t a random attack on any old Ibrox player, they wanted him specifically … and why would any group of Celtic fans, no matter how bitter and outraged, single him out?

The police don’t believe that for a minute; they have very specific information that McGregor was deliberately sought out, and if it was a sectarian motive they’d have made that clear. Either the player himself or someone close to this has given the police some background as to why this has happened, and that means it has nothing to do with football.

Since I have no intention of speculating further I’ll leave it at that, except to say that this crazy belief that so many of them have that the world hates them enough to try and kill their footballers is manifestly unhealthy … they really should get a grip on that.

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