UEFA’s Nations League Decision Endangers Our Season. Celtic Should Pull Our Guys Out.

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The UEFA Nations League match against the Czech Republic ought to be off.

The Czech’s have sent home their entire squad, and have told UEFA they’ll play the game with an entirely new one, which violates the registration element for openers, and ought to have the match declared forefeit.

Even if that were not so, it’s not nearly good enough as the bubble also encompasses coaches and backroom staff.

For them to have brought forward a whole new team just doesn’t give us any assurances that this match is safe, no matter what they say.

Scottish football has punished both Celtic and Aberdeen for breaches of health protocols by cancelling matches in spite of not a single player having being diagnosed with this thing. That the same organisation is content for this match to go ahead is scandalous.

The SFA’s appalling double standards cannot but endanger our club’s players and our season with it.

If a single Celtic player gets this thing on international duty and brings that home to Lennoxtown we’re in a world of trouble and the game here with it.

Quite how the SFA believes this is a goer I do not know, but the clubs should be raising 100 kinds of Hell over it.

They should be screaming.

That they aren’t shows just how ridiculous the game here has gotten.

Our club shouldn’t be supporting it.

The SFA cannot get its house in order. Its total failure to come up with a coherent policy on this thing is the reason the Scottish Government had to step in. That they will allow this fixture to go ahead – presumably because they feel we’ve got a chance of beating a weakened team – shows how narrow their thinking is. Celtic cannot be part of it.

For the good of our club we need to pull every single one of our players out of the Scotland squad and bring them home, and furthermore we need to demand some assurances that the national association takes this issue as seriously as we do.

I actually cannot believe that the SFA is happy for this game to go ahead in the current circumstances.

It is an absurdity. It is a joke.

But if some of the players get sick, casting more doubt on our national game and its preparedness for this, I don’t think anyone will find it funny.

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