Ajer Sounds Focussed As He Expresses His Appreciation For Celtic. It’s About Damned Time Too.

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Kris Ajer has spoken of the summer of transfer speculation and reaffirmed his current commitment to Celtic.

He has pointed out how much the club has done for him.

It’s about time we heard these sentiments from him.

It doesn’t mean he’s going to sign a new deal and stay, but at long last he’s showing some appreciation for the role Celtic has played in his career.

We are the team that made him. He’s acknowledged it.

This should be good news for us.

He sounds focussed and determined to put the speculation behind him and focus on the job.

The hacks will focus on his saying that there was “lots of interest” – lots of interest but no actual bid – but what he’s said is that he’s happy at Parkhead (for the moment) and realises how big this campaign is.

Good. That’s all music to the ears of the fans, as is his update on how virus procedures are being followed with the national team; that’s very welcome because the last thing we want is any more cases popping up. We have enough problems already.

Neil Lennon thought that the closure of the transfer window was going to be pivotal to this part of the campaign and he is correct; for the next two months we have no distractions.

The media is going to try its best to create some, of course, and clickbait websites will continue to write nonsense about links to this club and that, but inside Lennoxtown it’s all white noise.

The players are finally focussed on the job at hand, as Ajer has made clear.

That’s exactly what we needed to hear going into this game at the weekend.

In expressing his admiration and respect for the club, Ajer is telling us he’s going to fight for it all the way.

That’s the best news we’ve had this week.

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