Davie Provan’s Latest Snark At Lennon Is Hypocritical Nonsense From Another Gutless Hack.

Image for Davie Provan’s Latest Snark At Lennon Is Hypocritical Nonsense From Another Gutless Hack.

Davie Provan has taken another pitiful shot at Celtic today.

His latest piece shoots back at Charlie Nicholas over his comments about our transfer window.

Provan thinks he got them wrong.

That’s one way to put it. Another way would be to say that Nicholas is an attention seeking idiot who doesn’t even try to disguise that he dislikes the club and those who run it for whatever reasons make sense to him.

But Provan also had a dig at Lennon because he spoke out about it.

In doing so, Provan has stumbled into Lennon’s trap.

Because when our manager made those remarks he also took care to expand his attack to other “anti-Celtic” journalists who once were connected to our club. I have no doubt that Provan is one of the people Lennon had in mind. Provan knows it too which is why he’s launched this bitchy tirade.

“Nicholas is entitled to his opinion,” Provan said, in the same passage as he suggests that our manager isn’t. Yes, because Provan is so up his own backside that he believes the old wisdom that only those who work in the media are entitled to express their views.

The thing is, even if that were true – and Provan is not the only hack who wishes it was – Nicholas made sure to involve Lennon personally when he tried to speak for him and put words in his mouth. Our manager was fully entitled to challenge that.

Provan couldn’t even just leave it there.

He expended his attack to the Celtic board itself, and Peter Lawwell in particular, and suggested that Lennon would be better off if he challenged those guys once in a while. I don’t disagree; I just think it’s a ridiculous statement coming from someone like Provan, who has made a living dodging big issues to focus on fluff.

The day he ever challenges the people he works for, or writes about something that really matters, will be a cold one in Hell.

People like Provan will never tackle the biggest issues in the game; he’s small fry, like Nicholas, using his articles to wage vendettas and settle ancient scores that those on the other end of them could care less about.

Honestly, he has a smug and superior attitude towards Celtic – indeed, all of Scottish football – which is absolutely outrageous.

Even when he has a good point to make – that Lawwell and the board should have got Lennon players in sooner – he cannot help but overdo it.

That’s why he has no credibility amongst our support.

If he was capable of being reasonable, and offering a reasoned judgement, he would be easier to take seriously.

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