Edouard’s Statement To The French Press Tells Celtic Fans Nothing We Didn’t Already Know.

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Odsonne Edouard gave an interview to the sports media from France today where he told them that he will one day leave Celtic Park, but only “when the time is right.” This is going to be everywhere, and his comments pored over like an exhibit on NCIS.

But really, what is there to see here?

What has he told us that wasn’t already clear to all of us and known to everyone at the club?

Eddie will want to play at a higher level one day.

For the moment, he is “focussed on the season.”

There it is. The man remains committed to the club in the here and now.

Beyond this campaign he’ll be here until he and the club believe the proper moment to sell him has arrived. It echoes everything he said previously about having a career plan which will not change; Edouard is not going to rush for the door the first offer that comes along.

Not only will the timing need to be right, but the team will need to be right.

Edouard knows the value of our club and will not leave for a lesser side.

He wants to play at a higher level, but he knows the EPL relegation zone doesn’t match his goals.

Eddie is an honest guy and a good pro. He has not agitated for a transfer. He has not spat the dummy and wailed about the injustice of being held here against his will. He has not dissed Celtic in this interview nor put a specific date on his departure.

He didn’t mention talk that he and his agents would be interested in signing a new deal, but neither has he said it would be a waste of the club’s time. If he does sign one he’ll get his release clause and he and the club will be protected in the long term.

Most of us expect that he’ll go at the end of the season come what may, but he didn’t say anything that suggests that’s inevitable either.

The accounts just published make it clear that we’ve come through the initial stages of this crisis intact; the next stage is going to be tougher, and the board will have one eye on recouping some of the losses.

Eddie and Celtic have been good for each other.

There will be an inevitable parting of the ways.

That’s all he’s said tonight in France.

Watch though as some of the hacks try to spin this into more.

But really, there’s nothing to see here.

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