Global Cases Are Rising, The US President Has It, An SPL Side Is In Quarentine And UEFA Still Wants Fans In Stadiums.

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Amongst many in football – including a lot of supporters – there is a real disconnect with reality.

Once I’d have said this was chiefly an Ibrox related issue but it very clearly isn’t.

With the second wave sweeping across the globe, with hospital beds filling up again, with the President of the United States having just tested positive, with 1 million dead and no end in sight, and with, right here at home, an MP’s career utterly annihilated after a protocal breach and, even closer to us, the entire Kilmarnock team in quarentine for a fortnight, there are still people arguing that we should be allowing thousands of people to attend football games.

I really wonder what planet they are on, and what it is about the global situation that they are either seeing differently to the rest of us or missing entirely.

We are in the midst of an international health emergency. Governments across the globe are making impossible compromises and juggling impossible conundrums. They are facing pressures from all sides of the spectrum.

Some are making good decisions and some are not.

But all of them are trying to take the right steps so their populations can get through this.

Into the mix comes UEFA though, talking about having one third of fans back in grounds for the Group Stages of their flagship competitions.

You read that and the mind boggles. You hear it and you wonder just how out of touch with what’s going on in the world these people are. You just know that voices in our own game – like Boyd, Jackson and the rest – are going to be raised in favour of UEFA’s batshit idea.

Some think Celtic should be demanding meetings with the government over it; we’re in no position to do any such thing and we shouldn’t be even thinking about it. UEFA can’t get its own house in order; it’s still an organisation seeped in scandal.

They don’t get to dictate European health policy, and the SPFL certainly don’t.

Celtic should do what we’ve done right from the start; work with the government to get things as ready as we possibly can for a scenario where fans in grounds is even a remote possibility. It isn’t right now, nowhere near it.

We’re in very deep water, as all we can do is hope to keep swimming.

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