Date: 13th October 2020 at 2:30pm
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Amidst all the gloom around the Celtic squad, the media is trying to play a little game of equivalence.

“Look,” they are saying, “Celtic has its issues and we have ours.”

They refer, of course, to the idea that there is some major injury crisis at Ibrox as well.

This is garbage, of course. There are, at best, a couple of players over there who are doubtful for the game. This doesn’t constitute an injury crisis any more than me stubbing my toe would make it necessary that I cut off my leg.

There are two objectives here; the first is to counter any effort by Celtic to have the game postponed in the event that our list of casualties continues to grow. I don’t believe we would make such a request even at the most desperate stage.

Short of the entire squad having to quarantine I just don’t see any chance of it.

Sevco’s second objective is to play a little trickery, but it’s the most obvious kind that I’d be amazed if anyone at Celtic Park bought it for a second.

Helander and Barisic returned early from international duty, but both are already in the manager’s thoughts.

Indeed, Sevco has just told the press they expect Barisic to be fit.

I never thought anything else.

Neil Lennon will certainly know to take it all with a bucketful of salt; when Gerrard’s mob rolls into town it’ll be at nearly full strength.

I think it’s insulting that they think anyone at Parkhead would believe otherwise.

I’ll tell you this; if they were in our place the pressure would already be mounting on the governing bodies to cancel the fixture. They fear coming to Celtic Park, no matter what their toadies in the media might say to the contrary.

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