Date: 18th October 2020 at 5:26pm
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The worst player on the pitch yesterday wasn’t wearing a Celtic strip.

That’s almost impossible to believe considering how bad our footballers were, but it is a fact nonetheless. Some of our players might not have been at the top of their game but they tried to actually play it.

I have no idea which sport Alfredo Morelos thought he was involved in, but it wasn’t football.

I have never watched a performance from any player which was more about winding up rivals, moaning, diving, cheating, snapping and even slapping.

Had Morelos been wearing a Celtic shirt in that match I would not have been alone in demanding that he never put the shirt on again.

A lot of people thought we were there for the taking yesterday, and could have been on the edge of a real beating. With Morelos in their striker’s role that was never likely.

You will read a lot in the papers this week about players who no longer want to be at Celtic Park.

The likes of Kris Boyd and others will weigh in with their favourite names. We might even get some new ones thrown into the mix for good measure.

But Morelos has so clearly chucked it at Ibrox that they will be lucky to get mid-seven figures for him when he finally leaves. Yet the press will be silent on it.

Will the SFA take him to task over his slap at Brown? Don’t count on it. Even if he gets hauled up before them there are those on the panels who would happily provide him with a “not proven” on the basis that he was swatting a fly on our captain’s head.

His performance yesterday was disgraceful. He never even attempted to play football. Sevco fans should be furious with him, but most are too wrapped up in celebrating the win and thinking how great he was for winding people up.

But they should be concerned, because their team is still over-dependent on him and he simply did not look in the least bit interested yesterday.

The relationships at Celtic Park are a cause for concern right now; the one between Morelos and his manager should concern them, because it is non-existent.

He will continue to be one of their biggest liabilities.