No Experiments, No Surprises And No Major Risks Tonight Celtic, Let’s Keep It Simple.

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Tonight all we have to do is keep it simple.

The football we were playing at the end of the Aberdeen game, all but the calamitous nature of the defending, should be maintained where possible.

If we play the same way as we did there, with attacking play on the deck through the middle, letting our players make moves into space off the ball, we’ll give Lille a game.

If the manager plays his best European tactic – the 4-2-3-1 which secured wins against Lazio both home and away in the last campaign – we should be comfortable enough that the game won’t get away from us too much.

Play players in their proper positions and we’ll see better performances all round.

Rogic in the hole would be a good choice because Ryan Christie will be needed out wide right and only David Turnbull of our other midfielders is a natural in that position.

The suspicion is that Neil Lennon will go with the midfield three of Ntcham, McGregor and Brown; here’s a suggestion though.

As he’s the best goal scorer of that midfield three, we should consider playing Callum as the number ten rather than Olivier.

The back line is going to be what we’d expect … Laxalt, Duffy, Ajer and Frimpong.

As long as Shane Duffy stays where’s he’s supposed to and doesn’t try anything too fancy, which isn’t his style of football, I think we’ll be more than content.

The decision as to who starts up front is the difficult one; do we go with Eddie, who might not be 100% fit, or do we go with Ajeti or Griffiths or Klimala?

If he’s ready the decision ought to be Edouard. If not, then Neil Lennon will have to make a decision with a lot of factors to consider. I like Ajeti, I think he’s a cracking player … but I’m tempted to suggest that we go with Leigh Griffiths instead.

It’s going to be a tough night; I don’t think anybody doubts that.

But it doesn’t have to be the kind that ends in major inquests and further pressure on everyone at the club. If people keep it simple – from the manager on down – and get the basics right the quality of this team will come through, and we’ll have a better evening that the snivelling hacks think.

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