Date: 15th October 2020 at 1:46pm
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There is a section of the Sevco support for whom no low is ever low enough.

They continue to be a disgrace not only to Scottish football as a whole but quite specifically to their club, if indeed you can say that the organisation which commissioned and is marketing orange shirts can truly be shamed by anything.

For all the sectarian jerseys, bigot’s beano’s, flute bands on the pitch and the other such nonsense with which this club acknowledges and panders to the worst elements in their support, even the strongest stomach within their walls must flip over at times at the appalling things that occasionally emerge from their fan-base.

Today’s news story about how a group of them has released a Jimmy Bell pin-badge which depicts Sevco’s kit man holding aloft Neil Lennon’s severed head shows this element at its very, very worst.

The thing itself is every bit as grotesque as the description makes it sound. Nil By Mouth has already commented on it, using that exact word.

But even then, outright condemnation doesn’t go far enough. Indeed, the makers of this diabolical thing have responded to the criticism with sneers and by doubling down on their sales pitch. They flatly deny that it is sectarian.

It is, in fact, sub-human.

That they would even attempt to defend it shows you the kind of mentality we’re dealing with here, one that slithered up from a gutter. Anyone who would buy such an item is bad enough; those who actually thought it up, commissioned it and had it produced … well, that takes a certain type … a certain species.

They amaze me at times … disgust me and amaze me.

Every time they reach a certain level there is a wave of public outrage … and they change their behaviour ever so slightly in response.

And always – always – they mutate into an even more vicious and horrible form.

It really is quite something.

You know the thing though?

The likes of us, we can call this out all day, every day.

We can show these Peepul up for what they are. But until those in their own house speak out nothing will ever get done about it.

This “company” has other pin-badges of “Ibrox legends”; those are the first people who should be saying they want nothing to do with this sort of hate-mongering.

Jimmy Bell himself ought to make a public statement, on the record, telling them how disgusting he finds it … provided, that is, he doesn’t own one of them.

In the absence of any of that, you simply have to marvel about the way these Peepul market their own football club.

Once again, this is a story that springs entirely from their own behaviour and which is going to be spread throughout the country showing them in the worst possible light. There is a deep and ingrained sickness at Ibrox and it manifests itself like this every once in a while …

I remain amazed that no-one there seems to want to root it out.

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