Sevco’s Non Stop Propaganda Cannot Change What Celtic Have To Do On Saturday.

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Celtic manager Neil Lennon will tell his players to forget everything they’ve read in the past week or so and just focus on their own jobs.

That’s the best advice he can give them, and the best thing they can do is pay heed to it.

Nothing has really changed here. Imagine this were an injury crisis instead of something from the global health crisis nightmare.

If we’d lost these guys to suspensions or knocks the focus on the game would be absolute.

Inside Celtic, it will be.

I repeat; nothing has really changed here. We know what’s at stake and we know what we have to do. Win this game and we go clear with a game in hand. Win that and we’ve got a five-point cushion and Sevco is under unbearable pressure.

Anything they drop from that point on comes with a crisis warning; Gerrard won’t survive another spell where we rocket out in front.

So the situation remains as it was; all we have to do is turn up, play our natural game and win.

Even with a handful of players out – the count will be between four and seven, with Forrest, Christie, Abd Elhamed and Bitton definitely not playing – we should have enough in the squad to get the job done. Which says a lot for the strength of the squad.

With the better players and the better manager and the big advantage of the Celtic Park pitch on our side, all we really need to do is show up in the right frame of mind. Get our heads in the right place, get our tactics right, focus and concentrate and the three points will be secured, no matter who’s on the pitch – including John Beaton.

This was never going to be about how Sevco did or how they played; it’s a truism of this Celtic team that if we show up on the day that the opposition doesn’t matter.

The league will be won or lost based on how we play, not anyone else.

We’ve had a week of Sevco propaganda, with every development being spun as some kind of victory for them before the match even starts; none of it will matter a damn when the whistle blows.

It’s still ours to lose folks … and everyone at Celtic will expect to win it.

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