Date: 7th October 2020 at 12:57pm
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Sevco was, and is, a club mired in disgrace and scandal and you know what?

Their fans never get tired of the reputation it seems.

They wallow it in, like a pig in muck.

Today offers us another shining example of it.

Last night, when we all heard the dreadful news that Eddie had been diagnosed with the bug, I knew it was too much to expect that people would act in a moderate, responsible, and reasonable fashion.

A lot on our own side panicked; would this mean the entire squad would need to isolate?

The media went into an immediate frenzy, although I have to say they are behaving well today so far with no lurid speculation or anything like it on hand.

I knew where the really rabid nonsense was going to be of course, and I wasn’t wrong.

Sevconia has acted precisely true to type, with an outpouring of bile, conspiracy theory and the ghoulish hope that this virus sweeps through the Celtic squad.

What kind of people are these who would want such a thing?

I read last night outpourings of hatred at Celtic because we would “clamour to have the game called off.” The people posting this were furious, spitting venom at our club and its directors and over what? Something we hadn’t even done. Something that existed only inside their own warped imaginations.

There were some who seemed grimly determined that we would voluntarily isolate the team to put the game off and that the SFA would go along with this. Some even think the Scottish Government’s planned actions today are a means of suspending fixtures so we have a full complement of players fit and ready for the match.

The mind boggles. Can they really believe that?

Are we running scared of them? Of course not. Even whilst some of them were writing this stuff Celtic put out a statement saying that we had tested the whole first team squad and were comfortable that all had reported negative results.

On top of that, if Eddie is so contagious, how come the entire French squad wasn’t going into isolation?

Their own contact with him is later than ours was, and it’s where he tested positive.

Sevco fans would rather ignore these facts.

It’s when they talk about the possibility of more positive test results that you see this lot at their ghastly, grim worst though … they do realise, don’t they, that they are wishing for our players to come down with a deadly virus which has killed over a million people, right?

At which point does humanity kick in with these goons?

Does it ever?

There are some of them, of course, who get this … and they have posted their good wishes to the player on social media.

They are to be saluted, and thanked for their decency.

But shame on those others who continue to wallow in hate.

Your club, and our game, would be far better off without you.