Date: 14th October 2020 at 5:20pm
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If you look at the major news aggregators, you’ll know that the top story in Sevco Land in the past six hours is a piece from The Daily Record today; it has been shared widely on their social media sites and is generating quite a bit of excitement.

Headlined “(Sevco) Fans Finally Get Their Wish As Castore Must-Have Item Becomes Available”, it is little more than an advertorial for the now notorious orange “training top.”

Whether that rag realises it or not – and I am convinced they are quite aware of it – they are promoting sectarianism when they slobber all over the Ibrox club when it panders to this element in the support over there. This does not seem to bother them much.

Look, let’s not kid on that this is a minor matter that can be easily brushed aside.

Sevco’s relationship with the sectarian scum section of its support is a contributing factor in Scotland’s continuing problem with this issue, and the media allows that relationship to exist because they will not act robustly in countering it.

The moment Castore got the deal and started talking about an orange strip, every media outlet in Scotland should have asked them if they understood the connotations of that and the club itself should have been prompted to disavow the idea.

It is outrageous that the hacks are promoting this, whilst pretending they don’t know what it is.

That insults all of Scotland, and especially those of us who take the issue of sectarianism seriously; we’ve been on the sword point of it, of course.

Just today, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain published a piece on this very subject, in which he pointed to the vile abuse which has recently been meted out to Angela Haggerty, a frequent target of these gutter rats.

These are the Peepul who The Daily Record was advertising Castore’s “product” to today … these are the Peepul Sevco used that paper to cater to.

I would suggest that they should be ashamed of it … but of course they’re not.

No-one involved will be ashamed as there’s plenty of money in pandering to this swampy constituency.

But this is why that paper and others like it cannot be taken seriously when they bang the drum about racism and hatred in our society.

They do their best to ferment it and when they aren’t doing that they are promoting in roundabout ways.

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