The Media Isn’t Just Trying To Sell Ryan Christie Now, It’s Trying To Sell Him Cheap.

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Yesterday I wrote a piece on how we might need to sell Ryan Christie next summer.

If he’s not going to sign a new deal he’s not giving us many options.

The media knows we might have to do this; already they are anticipating it, but way too early.

I think there’s a chance that Christie will stay.

But even if he goes, if that’s the decision he makes and which the club reluctantly has to accept, we will cope with it.

Part of the reason we’ll cope is that we will net another mammoth fee for him.

The press is writing garbage about “cut price” offers for him; we would be out of our minds to accept the kind of money they are writing about.

Newcastle allegedly think they can swoop in and steal him for as little as £10 million; they will have to do a lot better than that to even get us to come to the phone.

There will be plenty of interest in Christie.

The hacks know this, of course. The objective here is to suggest that because he’ll only have a year left on his deal that we’ll have to settle for scraps. It’s not true. We’ll see if we have to sell Ajer next summer for the same reasons. We’ll net a bundle for him as well.

The transfer window is shut, but the media apparently never tires of writing outright bollocks about us. Clubs are trying to settle their squads for the coming months.

Nobody is seriously looking towards January yet, partly because nobody knows what state the game will be in by then.

The only way in which Christie will leave for the money they are talking about is if the transfer market itself experiences a major fall … and that helps us as much as hinders us.

I have never known the Scottish media so desperate to see top footballers leave this league, just so long as they play in green and white Hoops.

Some of the coverage is frankly insulting, and this idea that we would accept a fraction of what the player is worth … where in Hell does such a ridiculous idea even come from? It talks down the whole game.

The hacks don’t seem to care about that; if it hurts Celtic they don’t care how much damage it does to everything else in Scottish football.

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