Date: 15th October 2020 at 5:29pm
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On the day that the gutter rats of Sevconia heap further disgrace on their club with the shameful promotion of a sick pin-badge promoting violence against our manager, The put out their latest , and it’s a peach.

It shows their members out and about in putting up iconic “posters” of great moments from games where we skelped previous Ibrox operations.

The tagline for this video is a message to the team.

Indeed, the video itself is a statement to our players, reminding them that whilst there might not be fans inside the ground, that they carry the hopes of thousands outside;

We’re Out Here For You, Be In There For Us, is what it says.

This is the difference, folks, the difference in , in ideology, in outlook.

Our fans choose to come up with something and hopeful and positive.

They are making a statement which has nothing to do with hating others … this is about the of the club.

Some are going to point out that this isn’t strictly kosher; big deal.

At a time when Sevco fans are flogging a badge showing their kit man holding Neil Lennon’s severed head nobody gets to lecture our guys about putting some posters up. There is a whole mind-set at work here; our guys are reminding the players about commitment and dedication and passion.

That’s massive. That’s uplifting.

In spite of all the relentless negativity about this game, The Green Brigade video actually shows that our are buzzing for this one, and the chance to silence a few people and get a points lead along with the game in hand.

Well done to The Green Brigade for their dedication to the cause here and for giving the players a timely reminder of what they carry on their shoulders.

This is who we are, this is the difference between ourselves and those who can only wallow in hate.

Brilliant lads, absolutely brilliant.

We're out here for you, be in there for…

Zve?ejnil(a) Until The Last Rebel dne ?tvrtek 15. ?íjna 2020

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