Date: 27th October 2020 at 5:04pm
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Tonight the has had to tearfully admit failure in its campaign to have Scott censured by the SFA compliance officer.

The decision was due to be made this afternoon, and after raised the hopes of their readers that it would see Brown carpeted by the beaks it is believed that Celtic and Brown have been informed that there’s no case to answer.

As if there ever was a case to answer anyway.

The Record, who there’s little doubt was instrumental in the complaint being made, quoted an “SFA insider” today who told them that it’s doubtful – for that read “not a chance in Hell” – that Brown will have to face a disciplinary action.

This tawdry behaviour from that rag should not go unanswered by our club.

Lennon has slammed media “hysteria” today, but I think the press of his last few weeks has been, for the most part, on the nose and generally fair to the club.

It is not the media’s job to be kind to him or to us when things are not going well here.

It is their job to offer when it is warranted and it is definitely warranted at the current time.

Most of the mainstream media is not asking anything the Celtic fans aren’t.

But it is not their job to campaign actively against us, and it is not their job to propose that our players are sanctioned.

It is not their job either to lobby on behalf of Ibrox or in the interests of creating news stories just because they lack the motivation to write actual news.

Celtic allows the media to get away with too much.

The Record crossed a line here and if the club had any sense of self-protection it would deal with it instead of it to the bloggers.

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