The team is more in need of a good shake than any Celtic side I’ve seen in a long time.

Some players are more in need of a major pick-me-up than others though.

There are players who have simply failed to show up for business so far, and Lennon must be frustrated and the fans most certainly are.

Few in the squad can honestly say they’ve given us a proper shift … but some really do need to up their game in a big, big way.

In this article I want to look at those who owe us big performances, and who most need to be aware that patience is running out with them.

I’m not just talking about guys who are playing badly; every player in this club has gone through a spell in this campaign so far where they haven’t produced.

I’m talking about those from whom a lot is expected and who aren’t at the races right now.

These are the guys who are terribly off form or whose big reputations aren’t being remotely justified at the moment.

These are the guys who are really letting us down.