When Does The Daily Record Go Too Far And Get Banned From Celtic Park?

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This morning, The Daily Record is campaigning to have Scott Brown banned for an alleged elbowing incident at the weekend.

I don’t think the word “campaigning” is the wrong one to use either.

Its writers have personally taken up the case, which nobody else has raised or suggested the player should face, and are prompting the SFA to act.

This is outrageous but it is not unusual. Indeed, this is another example of that paper acting in the most partisan manner, going after Celtic for sins real or imagined whilst squealing its frustration any time the club from Ibrox is subjected to the regulations.

The Daily Record is an activist paper, let there be no mistake about that. More often than not in seems to behave as a promotional arm for the Ibrox agenda. But it also actively works against our club, in various forms and guises … this is just one of them.

The Record and its editorial team are committed to Operation Stop The Ten.

The so-called “compliance system” – a farce which end in citations where certain people get off on the basis of “no proven” verdicts for making comments which are in the public domain – allows anyone to submit a complaint.

How does The Record know the matter is being considered?

I suspect it’s because one of the “journalists” at that rag submitted it to the SFA for scrutiny.

We’ll know in a couple of hours or so whether or not they’ve successfully instigated an investigation into our captain, but this once again raises the thorny issue of when our club is going to grow a set and start taking media interference in our business more seriously.

The Record should not be allowed inside Celtic Park.

Whatever cosy wee commercial deals we have with that rag are surely no longer worth it.

I fail to see what benefit we get from inviting these people – who can’t stand us – into our home to abuse us like they do.

It’s about time our club acted and banned them.

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