A Shameful Performance, A Disgraceful Result And A Massive Decision For Celtic’s Board.

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It was the fourth that did it, although the writing was on the wall before it was headed into the back of the net.

The third goal was the one that confirmed that it was going to be a bad, bad night but the fourth turned it into a true disgrace.

That was shameful this evening. It is one of the worst nights in the recent history of the club.

We are in total disarray. We have just been absolutely humiliated by a third tier team who’s manager demonstrated utter contempt for us in the run up to the match and who’s casual dismissal of us as anything to fear has been wholly justified tonight in spades.

Congratulations to Sparta Prague tonight. With a fraction of our resources they have soundly thrashed us on our own doorstep. The only blessing anyone at Celtic Park can take is that the absence of 60,000 fans has saved them from feeling the full wrath of the support.

Every single person at our club should feel a deep sense of shame over what we just witnessed. It is now incumbent upon those of them who believe themselves to be leaders to grasp the nettle and confront the necessity of the hard choices they are now going to have to make.

Whatever they decide will be risky, of that there is no question.

But the risk of doing nothing now has be weighted as possibly the lesser of two hard roads.

This is not a knee jerk reaction after a bad result, and nobody would see it as one.

It would be a measured and disciplined decision, and one that should not be in any way coloured by sentimentality of any sort whatsoever. Whatever they decide, furthermore, they have to be aware that they would be sticking to it and gambling all on it.

Nobody can defend that. Nobody can excuse that.

We are past the point of hoping that we can bluff and bullshit our way through this.

Lennon will routinely defeat SPL cannon fodder because he has superior tools to work with, but whenever we face a well organised team that can play as a group and whose manager has a plan we are vulnerable because we are not and because we do not.

How many more lessons is it going to take?

Tonight should be the last one.

If we have men at our club who are willing, and capable, of confronting the reality of this and grabbing it by the scruff of the neck then it will be. Otherwise, I suspect the price we’ve paid tonight will seem like a minor matter compared to what might well be the cost of leaving things as they are.

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