Celtic Are Caught In Another Health Scare As Ajer And Elyounoussi Await Test Results.

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You could not make this up.

All the way through this campaign so far we have been dogged by problems piled on top of each other, and the international breaks have given us more of these headaches than anything else has. Today we have another as the Norwegian captain tests positive.

So now we have to wait to find out if Ajer and Elyounoussi have to go into quarantine.

They are probably going to have to get tested, and that will be a sweat as we wait for the results of that, but you know how this works now; if the Scottish Government thinks there’s a risk that the players have even been exposed to this, quarantine is more or less automatic.

Nobody, in those circumstances, will be able to understand why Ibrox’s left back isn’t quarantining already along with the whole of the Croatian squad after one of their players registered a positive test at half time during a match … I mean so much for social distancing there.

But if we lose another two players to this questions really need to be asked as to what the Hell is going on and why international sides cannot keep our players safe. The Israeli squad is in isolation. A player with the Republic of Ireland squad tested positive … the risks are mounting up exponentially at this point and our club is suffering for it.

Best wishes to all our boys who are out there playing these fixtures and gambling with their health and safety to do it.

Scotland got to the Euros last night and for some that might make the risk seem worthwhile, but the next couple of games are in UEFA’s vanity competition the Nations League, which are now no better than the friendly matches this thing was meant to replace.

And to me, that’s a risk too far for any player in any country.

It is the first competition UEFA should have shut down.

Their failure to do it is lamentable.

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