Celtic Pre-Contract Target Will Be Offered A New Deal, Just As We Thought He Might.

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Alfie Doughty is going get a new contract at Charlton. Or, at least club is going to offer him one.

It was always a risky strategy from Celtic to wait until January window before getting this guy on a pre-contract deal.

His injury issues simply make it tougher.

Doughty is a good prospect. Celtic did want him in last window, and we made a couple of offers for him.

None were successful.

We signed Laxalt on loan instead, and I think we got better of the there, and especially if we can keep the player at Parkhead.

It’s not clear that Doughty will sign a new contract. It may well be that he doesn’t bother and opts to talk to whoever’s interested, but I don’t blame him if signing a new is an option he’s considering as a result of his injury situation.

Injuries can clarify thinking for a lot of players. can cut right through the nonsense and make them resistant to taking major chances.

If there’s a on the table he might be tempted to opt for it rather than take risks … you could understand if he did.

But if Celtic is still interested I’m sure we’ll be in there, unless he signs the first. At that point we’re back where we were in the summer knowing that it will take a £1 million offer to get them to the table, and we seemed reluctant to pay it.

Honestly though, I don’t know that much about the kid except that Celtic was interested, we had some bids turned down and we decided to leave the talks until January. Whether we’d still be interested if that was off the table is something only those inside Celtic Park know.

But if we’ve got a chance to sign Laxalt on the permanent I reckon most fans would definitely prefer we exorcised that option if it’s at all possible and financially reasonable.

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