Celtic Secures Three Points As Elyounoussi Humiliates His Hysterical Media Critics.

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Today we’ve done what we had to do, and exactly what most of us expected us to do.

We played, in spells, as only we can in this league. We got some big, big performances. We got goals.

We got some controversy – I’ll be writing about it later – and we won the three points.

Right now, getting those points on the board is a very big deal indeed.

It helps that we’ve done it with a halfway decent performance and racked up some goals.

I was pleased today for everyone at the club, and most especially the fans who have to endure a torrid couple of days since Thursday night’s game changing disgrace. But most of all I am pleased for Mo Elyounoussi, who has probably had to endure more deranged garbage in the past 72 hours as anyone who hasn’t been religiously tuned into Fox News.

Even Neil Lennon seemed, at first, to be getting in on the act, but we can put his remarks in the aftermath of the game down to anger at the result, fears for what it meant and, I suspect, genuine surprise over the ridiculousness of the question itself.

When the matter was put to him yesterday I was pleased to see that he dealt with it with the contempt the whole matter deserved.

Just now at the press conference he pointed out that the criticism of Elyounoussi is coming “from the outside”; well of course it is. He’s been excellent recently.

I was only sorry the manager didn’t have a few words for the likes of Paul Lambert and those other clowns in the media who went so far over the top.

Well The Great Mobile Phone Witch Hunt of 2020 is over.

He silenced his critics today and then some.

Lambert and others owe this guy an apology, because he’s been coming more and more onto a game for weeks now, getting in the right positions and scoring goals … and today he was at his very, very best with a well-deserved hat-trick … and he could have had more.

All in all that was very pleasing except for one thing, and it’s what I meant when I used the word “controversial”; the tackle on Frimpong was absolutely beyond belief and that Dallas believes that only merited a yellow card is beyond parody.

We’re way overdue taking a look at that guy; his family name isn’t exactly the cleanest in the business and whilst I am not going to hold the sins of the father against the son, it’s clear at times that the apple hasn’t fallen terribly far from the tree.

There is no way that wasn’t a red card, and he denied us a stonewall penalty for good measure.

More on him later on, but for now I’m pretty satisfied with how the afternoon’s business went.

That was a professional job, well executed for the most part.

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