Celtic, Success And The Arrogant EPL Hype Machine.

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“My nan would win the Scottish league”

“Celtic wouldn’t win League One”

You hear it all the time…

The ignorant battle cry of the English football fan.

People from such footballing powerhouses as Peterborough and Brentford.

People who believe, that just because they can hang out once a year with the big boys, that makes them hard. They’re the type of mouthy idiot you see in the pub who knows he can say what he wants because the owner is his mate.

The English Premier League is one of the most oversold, overhyped products in the world market. The fact that a pub will pay as much to televise these matches as an English undergraduate student will pay for their university tells you everything you need to know.

Sky Sports are marketing masters. They really have convinced people that this product is as valuable as a third level education! Yet outside of Liverpool and Manchester City, there is no genuine contender for the EPL crown.

That means it is 10% competitive.

If we consider the Ibrox club as competitive with Celtic, the SPL is 6% competitive. Yet they would have us believe that the 4% is worth billions more because of a rat race to finish in UEFA qualifying places? In the league of Ireland season just past there was at one point a 3-way race for the title. That means a 25% competitive rate.

Let’s not start throwing billions at LOI clubs!

The arrogance of English football is astounding.

It is not by coincidence that the entire footballing world takes so much schadenfreude when they fall flat on their arse.

Nobody likes that mouthy arsehole in the pub.

That’s why the world’s most gifted footballer, Kylian Mbpape, tweeted “Farmers’ League” after Manchester City’s loss to Olympique Lyon last season.

I am not an idiot.

I am fully aware that the standard of football in Scotland can be as exciting as watching grass grow at times.

But those who say managing Celtic is an easy job need to get themselves an education.

Neil Lennon is constantly under the microscope.

Every single tactical decision he makes is questioned and every dropped point is scrutinised. He is dealing with a media that is completely hostile to him and openly wants him to fail. Are these idiots saying for one second they would maintain their dignity after having bombs sent to them and being assaulted at their place of work?!

I’m sick to death of the egocentric bullshit that comes out of England. Only 5 of their clubs have matched our achievement in Europe and only 3 of those have bettered it. Would Lionel Messi be more concerned at playing at Celtic Park or Bramall Lane?

Not even the moon howlers at Ibrox would believe the latter.

Ross Taylor is a Celtic fan from Laytown, Ireland. This is his CelticBlog debut.

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