Celtic’s Directors, Have You Seen Enough Yet?

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Nobody inside Celtic Park is panicking. It’s business as usual. The board has confidence in the manager. The manager thinks he’s doing a good job. The manager doesn’t believe he deserves to be criticised. But hey. We’ve only lost one game in the SPL.

These were the soundbites from the manager’s press conference yesterday. It has taken just over 24 hours for all of it turn to ashes in his mouth. There are people who believed that we would “get a reaction” tonight. Ha! Is this the reaction you expected?

Those who currently preside over this shambles, this disgrace, this humiliation, are responsible for one of the most appalling reversals in our recent history. Not one of them should escape this. The season is fragmenting, and we haven’t seen the worst yet.

Not unless somebody – anybody – steps up and grabs this by the throat.

Hallmark sentiment and pitiful platitudes will not avail us.

Players like Ryan Christie, talking about revenge missions and grudge matches, should keep their mouths shut and focus on doing it on the park.

This is a collective outrage, proving decisively that in this case it’s failure that has a thousand fathers.

There are so many, many, many, many things which have gone wrong to get us here.

I could reel them off but you know what? I cannot be bothered. I am done with the club for the night, unless there’s a major, fundamental, earth-shaking development … and there won’t be.

Not one of them – Lennon, Lawwell, Desmond, Bankier – will do what has to be done.

But the last three, they are supposed to have the power. The manager is drowning. As far as I’m concerned it’s too late even to throw him the rubber ring. Nothing is going to save him. He is not going to turn this around. His Celtic career will end in utter failure.

He’s done for, and his coaching team with him.

Did you see any evidence tonight that our side even gets coached?

Like any manager who has completely shot it, the issue no longer becomes about if but when and at that point the responsibility for losses belongs elsewhere … and it’s with those three that the blame will lie from this moment forward. Lennon ought not be near the place, and we all know it … when do they recognise it?

The only question I have for them is “Have you seen enough yet?”

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