Celtic’s Dreadful Luck On Injuries And Absences Continues. We Never Get A Break.

Image for Celtic’s Dreadful Luck On Injuries And Absences Continues. We Never Get A Break.

Forrest out for eight more weeks. Jesus.

You knew it would be bad, but this is ridiculous.

We’ve had him out for what seems like an age already, and Christopher Jullien and Mikey Johnson with him.

We’ve just got Eddie back. Our Israeli players were laid up with the bug. Our keeper has had a back injury. We lost Ryan Christie to God knows what, as it’s never been explained. We’ve had players not up to match fitness. This season so far has been one long grind.

We never seem to get a break, do we?

And across the city their club rambles on without a hitch. Whatever issues they’ve had have been minor.

They’ve even had a bit of luck with the teams they’ve come up against being afflicted by various disasters … our own club included.

You know that luck has to run out sooner or later … but you wonder when our own rotten run of it is going to end.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were actually playing games with a dozen players on the treatment table; at one point during the Rodgers tenure we actually had a stonking fourteen footballers injured and out of the team at one time.

I used to think there had to be something wrong in the way he trained the team; it was just not normal to have so many players on the side-lines at one time. Now I think that it’s just our club that is cursed, that it seems to have rotten luck on this front.

You wonder when – if – that run will end.

The thing of it is with us, so many of our players don’t seem to go out for just short times … they go out for months. You wait, constantly, for the flip side of this, for our rivals to lose just one player for an extended period … I cannot remember the last time that it happened.

This is why we have a strong squad, of course. This is the beauty of having so many players who are capable of stepping into the team and stepping up to the plate. It’s a credit to our club that we can cope with these spells when we’ve got several players out … but it’s not a quality any club would enjoy demonstrating.

Forrest is particularly unlucky as he stands on the brink of 100 goals and would almost certainly have gotten them in this campaign; no matter, it will come.

The club’s training video showed Mikey Johnson with the squad today … he’s been out for a year.

It looks as if James will be the last to come back to the squad.

He will be missed until then, and in particular because of the games he will miss; the Scottish Cup Final, the remaining European group stage games and others.

It looks like it’ll be next year before he’s back in the side.

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