Date: 3rd November 2020 at 8:47pm
Written by:

Andy Halliday has said he’s heard a rumour that Shane Duffy does not like him.

This would almost certainly be true if Shane Duffy had first clue who Andrew Halliday was.

I know for sure that if Boris Johnson ever came across some of the many Tweets I’ve written about him that he wouldn’t like me.

I do not flatter myself by imagining him in tears over them.

Halliday is one of the many reasons I’m looking forward to the Scottish Cup Final. Ann Budge is another one. Craig Levein is yet another. Halliday will certainly give everything; his everything was not enough for Gerrard’s serial at Ibrox.

I doubt it will be particularly unsettling here.

Hearts does seem to have a number of these guys in their ranks. Theirs Steven Naismith there as well, of course, and he will be itching to get one over on us. There is no question, therefore, of this being an easy game by any manner of means.

But Halliday had enough to be worrying about after the cowardly way he snarked at last time, and that never goes well in the long run. If he now wants to add Duffy to the list of players who will give that little bit extra in the tackle just because it’s him, well great.

That’s probably not going to end terribly well for him either.

There are some stories you just need to laugh at … this is one of them, for sure.

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