Jim White’s “Celtic Source” Makes Our Decision Making Process Sound Like A Third Rate Joke.

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Jim White claims to have been briefed by a “senior Celtic source” that Dermot Desmond will not “give in” to the mob who gathered outside Parkhead last night to demand the head of the manager.

Doubtless there are people inside the club today who think that strategic leak makes them sound strong and decisive and determined.

Actually, it makes them sound ridiculous and pathetic.

Is this how we make decisions at Celtic Park now? On the basis of ego and machismo?

Is this how big companies do business, by scorning the customers?

You would be hard pressed to find many people in our support who agreed with those scenes last night.

Equally, you would be hard pressed to find any who still think Lennon should be manager.

Only one question should be uppermost in the minds of our directors this afternoon, if they have an ounce of professionalism about them; is it in the best interests of Celtic, as a club and as a business, that Neil Lennon continues in his current role?

There is no other issue.

Everything else is white noise, and professionals should be able to shut it out.

A cold-blooded, hard-headed, analysis of this is required, and anything else will be a further abrogation of their responsibilities as directors.

No major organisation should be making critical decisions based on whimsy and the momentary rush of testosterone policy-making on the fly gives certain people.

Is our club run by genuine, quality businesspeople or vain men whose primary concern is that their will not be thwarted, or that they should be spared the ordeal of admitting their own mistakes?

If Lennon is to keep his job, then by God, there needs to be a far better reason than Dermot Desmond’s desire to show he can’t be pushed around.

That would be absolutely pitiful, an act of weakness, not strength.

If they were half as determined to stop our rivals as they are to antagonise us we certainly wouldn’t be in this lamentable position.

They need to act, today, and end this farce before our club suffers any further humiliation.

The writing is on the wall. Nobody can ignore it.

Every hour that passes increases the perception that they won’t sack Lennon because they can’t.

All the spin in the world won’t change that.

They might buy themselves one day with this guff, but tomorrow the questions will be “is it because no-one else wants the job?” or “does no-one want to work under Lawwell?” or “has Celtic lost its attractiveness?”

Digging in their heels just makes Celtic look absolutely ridiculous, and the sense that we are watching the unravelling of more than just the management team will grow with every day that passes without them showing the only kind of strength that matters; the strength to admit their mistakes and fix them before any further damage is done.

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