Lennon’s Chat With Edouard Could Be The Moment That Turns Celtic’s Season.

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This week, Odsonne Edouard drove past our former striker Moussa Dembele in goals for his country’s Under 21 team.

He is now level with France’s all time top scorer at that level and will certainly secure the record for himself.

That’s how good he is.

Edouard has not had the greatest season of his time at Celtic.

But when he is on form this team is very difficult to stop.

His loss of form is one of the reasons – one of them – why we’ve struggled so badly. If he can hit the heights once again, we’ll be better off.

Part of the problem, of course, is that Eddie was the subject of almost constant transfer speculation during the summer, speculation which according to the manager affected him somewhat. That’s not great to hear, but not entirely a shock either.

Lennon yesterday announced his intention to pull Edouard in for a wee chat, to get him refocused on the club again.

That’s a good idea, of course, but it seems to me as if this is something we should have done a while back.

Yet if it works, the timing won’t matter.

Edouard has to know that the only way out of this club, to the type of side he wants and thinks he is destined to play for, is to stand out in Scotland the way he did last year.

If he raises his game back to that level again then he’ll get all he wants and so will we.

It was superb to hear that he had scored a couple on international duty; if all that’s been wrong with Eddie was his fitness and he’s now shaken off his issues, it might just be that we’re on the brink of seeing him return to form … it would be great to think so.

Tomorrow at Easter Road he’s almost certainly going to be our starter.

This is his chance to prove that he’s still up for it, and a way to continue his international form.

As with clubs going on a winning run, strikers are better when they have momentum … this is Eddie’s chance to get some.

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