Paul Lambert Has A Cheek To Accuse Celtic Fans Of Hysteria Whilst Talking Absolute Garbage.

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Paul Lambert has little credibility amongst the Celtic support.

This is a guy who has denied the death of Rangers, a guy who has presumed to speak for the fans about how much we have “missed the Ibrox club” in our league.

When, in the past, his name was linked with the Celtic job the response of the supporters has been derision.

I should know. I wrote a piece exploring the possibility and have never heard the end of it.

I accept that he would have been a dreadful choice, and he’ll never be remotely considered as an acceptable candidate again.

Today he has been vocal in defence of Neil Lennon, his mate, and accused those offering criticism of the performances as being “hysterical.”

But when you are attempting a defence on those grounds you better be sure you aren’t engaging in your own hyperbolic raving … and, well ….

He directed much of his ire at Mo Elyounoussi for the crime of looking at his phone … and he did not hold back.

He let his complete lack of even the smallest sense of proportion overcome his rationality and showed us the true meaning of hysteria.

“”I’m only going on what I seen on the TV but you look at the lad Elyounoussi on his phone, I know there’s been a big thing with that, you’re letting Celtic Football Club down, you’re letting the great Jock Stein down, you’re letting the Lisbon Lions down …. Celtic is an organisation, it’s not just an ordinary football club. It’s steeped in history … if you don’t grasp it and think it’s going to be easy and think you can take the club lightly, you’ll get found out and rightly so.”

Let’s go over this again; Elyounoussi glanced at his phone.

Whilst sitting in the stand. After he’d at least put in a modest shift out on the pitch.

He took his eyes off the game for a moment.

I mean, it’s not like there was a Presidential election happening somewhere, or anything?

I am sure there isn’t one of us who wasn’t looking at his phone last night during that disgrace; I myself had one eye on the battle for America.

To be frank, what I was watching happen on the pitch made me wish I’d had both eyes on it.

I could almost have stomached more of Trump than watch that abject disgrace.

Elyounoussi did not disgrace Celtic last night, or the memories or reputations or achievements of those great men; what brought their legacy into focus was that performance, that result, that shambles and the ones that it reminded us of; Cluj, Copenhagen and Ferencvaros. Sevco twice in a row now, one of them the most abject performance against an Ibrox team I’ve ever seen.

This defence of Lennon is understandable, coming as it does from people who played alongside him and who consider him a friend … but the scattergun nature of it (Sutton is still blaming Leigh Griffiths for it, the guy who scored last night’s goal and saved Lennon’s bacon at Pittodrie) betrays its lack of internal logic and consistency.

It is simply not tenable.

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