Rumour Circulate About Desmond Dropping In As Celtic Fans Continues To Wait.

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Celtic is buzzing with rumours the second day in a row, as publishes a piece that suggests that the Landlord will be in town having heard that the Celtic Park tenants are holding all night parties, dumping rubbish in the garden, tearing down the wallpaper and peeing up the back of the curtains.

I doubt he’s going to be impressed.

Even as the internet is swept by talk of his impending intervention, the Celtic Park spin machine has been working away in the background, briefing two of the club’s journalistic favourites that Lennon will not and that the board won’t sack him.

If Desmond really is coming to town, I don’t imagine he’ll be terribly happy at having been second guessed in such a fashion.

Those of us who think Lennon needs to be removed would be doing a gross disservice if we didn’t also believe that there are people in the hierarchy above him who should have been removed long ago.

The Celtic supporters are waiting something to happen; it’s palpable, it’s in the air.

There is obvious expectation. Anyone at the club who really believes this situation is tenable is crazy.

Fans are sitting the net waiting news, because most of us realise that this is already over and that isn’t going to turn this around.

It would be incredible if people inside the club were not aware of the mounting problems we have.

Lawwell might not to admit that he’s got this wrong, but the signs are obvious and things aren’t going to get any better.

What most fans can’t understand is why the board would want to delay what’s clearly inevitable even one minute longer.

Of course, if the rumours are true and the Landlord is in town, or heading this way, then the decision might be taken out of Lennon’s hands, and Lawwell’s as well.

Somebody at Celtic Park has to start leading from the front.

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