Ryan Christie’s Celtic Quarantine Story Takes A Dark New Twist As The PM Self Isolates Again.

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Regular readers will not need reminding that when Ryan Christie had to miss the match against the Ibrox club last month that Kieran Tierney was allowed to play for Arsenal.

There was no difference at all between the cases, only about the outcome.

Celtic never got a satisfactory explanation for that, or if they did they never shared it with anyone in our support or in the media.

Up until the eve of the game, the manager himself was baffled as to why we’d lost a key player whilst Arsenal had retained theirs.

The excuse which we heard – the one that was offered up in the media without an ounce of evidence to back it up – was that Tierney had already had the virus and was thus regarded as no longer being in danger, and he was allowed to play for his club.

But that argument has been blown to pieces tonight by the news that Boris Johnson, the country’s highest profile victim – has been told to self-isolate again because contact tracing has put him in the vicinity of someone who has tested positive.

It’s good sense, because we don’t know enough about how this virus works.

But if the Prime Minister has to follow these regulations, how come a professional footballer didn’t?

And this becomes an even more pertinent question when you consider that Ajer and Elyounoussi have been told that they will have to self-isolate for ten days following their exposure to this virus in the Norway camp whilst on international duty.

In the meantime, an Ibrox player who sat at breakfast, rode in a coach and was present in a dressing room with someone who tested positive at half time in a game, is allowed to carry on as before and will be allowed to play next weekend.

If there is consistency here I do not know what it is except for Celtic being consistently disadvantaged.

I’m not alleging a conspiracy although the Ryan Christie case was plainly suspect from the moment Tierney was allowed to play and reeks all the more clearly tonight.

This whole thing is murky beyond belief.

This is no longer something on which Celtic can afford to be silent.

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