Sparta’s Manager Thinks We Are The Group’s Weakest Side. Time To Educate That Man.

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Since he first opened his gob when the draw was made, I’ve been dying for us to get Sparta Prague’s manager on our home turf and show him what’s what.

Tomorrow he and his team will roll into town, and even our exceptional first half display away in Lille has not changed his tune.

He still believes he is going to be get something.

He still thinks they’ll win.

Hey, he’s entitled to that view … but it’s the casual disrespect for us that grates on me.

That man needs an education in courtesy as well as football.

Tomorrow we will hopefully provide both, and if we do and we win that game then we’ll go to Prague in good shape. Win that one and we’ve got seven points in the group; a win, at home, against Lille, should get us second spot and put us on the brink of another qualification.

That’s the theory anyway …

The best way to deal with nonsense like what we’ve heard from this guy is to show him up on the park.

Beat them home and away, and show them who the weak side in the group really are.

We will not underestimate them; unlike this geezer we’re not going to talk down the Czech league.

We shouldn’t dare considering that the Hungarian champions knocked us out of the top competition.

But let’s be realistic; we should be beating this lot, and quite comfortably, and with the way this guy is talking the incentive to do it there above and beyond the obvious ones.

Celtic players tend not to like it when they are so clearly disrespected.

I laugh at the Scottish media and their promotion of views like this; you can set your clock to it every single time we play in Europe.

Always, they find some player or coach or ex-player or countryman or whatever who will tell us why our opponents will win.

The idea of talking up the Scottish game doesn’t interest these people at all if that means having to talk up Celtic.

Believe me, a lot of them don’t care about the co-efficient either in spite of how much they bang on about it.

They’d prefer to see us go out.

Tomorrow night we can shut them up as well.

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