Earlier on, I wrote a piece about coming Celtic AGM and the need for it to go ahead, in of the global health emergency.

The use of technology could open that meeting up in a way that no other AGM has ever been done … and this to all our benefit.

There eight critical issues which the board have to talk about during that AGM; I am going to look over them here, and at the start of each I’m going to pose a sample question, or questions; you’ll have to excuse me if some of them come off as a little polemic.

I am not suggesting that they are asked word for word, or in the fashion I’ve drafted them … they are there to highlight the point I’m trying to make, and to offer a framework for those who’ll be asking them, should the board grant us the opportunity.

I don’t offer this as a comprehensive list of the issues either; this is merely my view on what the eight critical areas are, after talking to a number of other fans and shareholders about what it is they’d like to see the coming AGM explore in its virtual form.

Obviously, like every other article, there’s an open door for to write on any of these points or to suggest others which this piece has missed; I look to receiving them.