The Scotsman’s Latest Article On Why Celtic Will Lose The Ten Is Truly Desperate.

Image for The Scotsman’s Latest Article On Why Celtic Will Lose The Ten Is Truly Desperate.

I’ve long said that the most clickbait mainstream publication in the country is The Scotsman, where journalism goes to die and where the word itself has lost all meaning.

The worst sports writer in the country works there as well, Joel Sked, who’s pieces are the worst sort of dreck, the sort that even the most hit-chasing blogs would balk at producing.

He was the journalist who broke the big story about Ibrox’s “secret weapon” in Europe a few years ago, if you recall.

The multi-ball system. Which apparently only they knew about …

Today he must be off work because it’s one of their other writers who’s going to steal the award for Worst Article This Month So Far, with a piece of left-field thinking that is truly desperate.

Last night, whilst most of the country was celebrating Scotland’s victory, and some of us were thinking about what this might mean to Celtic players who’s played a hell of a lot of games already, some were allowing their imaginations to take them to far-out places.

One of them, The Scotman’s Dave Oliver, allowed his to stray to Ways This Could Benefit Ibrox and the one which he came up with is … well, it’s creative, and you have to give him that.

It’s also scraping the bottom of the barrel with a spoon.

Here’s the basic thread of his thinking …

The last time Scotland qualified for a major finals was in 1998.

That was the year Rangers were going for ten in a row.

Twenty-two years on, Scotland has qualified again.

Rangers failed in their quest for ten in a row, ergo Celtic will also fail in theirs.

So be afraid folks, because last night’s Scotland victory has rendered all this moot …

And all this time we thought it was going to come down to what we did in the game, but apparently our fate has always been inextricably linked to the fortunes of Scotland and the universes need for balance and karma.

This is The Scotsman at its best.

Or at its worst, if you’d prefer.

There have been some pretty dire efforts at reading the tea-leaves all the way through this quest of ours, but I have to say that this is one of the daftest. Last night, whilst the players down on the pitch were still celebrating, this guy was thinking “Oh wow, this will go against Celtic …”

I’ll bet he couldn’t wait to share his big theory with the rest of us.

I strongly suspect that nobody in our support will let these thoughts and ideas disturb their sleep tonight.

I highly doubt anybody at the club will be ready to concede this campaign as a no=-hoper because of the way that the planets have aligned.

And I doubt the “journalist” or his paper will win many awards for this “scoop.”

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