A Message To The Celtic Board On Paul Lambert: An Approach For Him Would Not Be Welcomed.

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We don’t often comment on stuff that pops up in the non-Celtic blogosphere, but this one has to be tackled with the stake through the heart and the chopping off of the head lest somebody at Celtic Park think this one will fly. Paul Lambert for manager?

Not in this lifetime. Lambert is a key proponent not only of the highly toxic Survival Lie but of the Victim Lie as well.

He has long been on the side of those who believes that the Ibrox club is Rangers and that they were treated harshly.

I understand that there are candidates out there who might well come to our club believing those things, because they have had no exposure to Scottish football, but a little education would fix that quickly. Lambert knows how things work up here and remains a liquidation denier anyway.

He has, in the past, said that most Celtic fans feel the way he does.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

No-one who believes that should be Celtic boss.

There is zero appetite – especially now – for us to hire someone who will promote Old Firm Inc.

Get that as far to Hell away from Celtic Park as possible.

Don’t even think about, Celtic.

Nothing would be more certain to pour fuel on this fire.

Listen, the idea of Lambert reeks for more reasons than just that.

It would be another appointment entirely without the slightest imagination, another manager who has won nothing, done nothing, and whose only “attractiveness” to the board comes from his past connection with the club.

His career shows nothing that would remotely merit being offered this job.

I’m sick and tired of us going down this narrow road, with this “Celtic connection” garbage.

Celtic fans don’t want a badge kisser.

We aren’t interested in whether a manager bleeds green and white; frankly, Lennon has proved the folly of such an approach and Rodgers has turned our stomachs against it anyway.

We want a winner, someone who can inspire the players.

Lambert is another third tier candidate, nowhere near the quality we should be aiming for.

I don’t believe there’s the slightest merit in this story, but there is a nagging worry at the back of my mind that Lambert is just the sort of shitty appointment they would make based on his past affiliation with the club and because none of our directors has the slightest imagination or real vision.

A coach from the continent is our best bet by far.

There should be no need to point out that this appointment needs to be right on the money when they finally get around to going forward with it. No piss-poor option of this sort is going to be acceptable. We keep on hearing that we’re a massive club; it’s time we acted like it.

Another manager pulled out of the bargain bin will simply not do at all.

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