A Win Today Will Not Shift The Pressure Dial, But Anything Less Will Push It Into The Red.

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The club doesn’t know what pressure is yet.

Putting up a metal fence or two will not hold it at bay.

Deciding not to engage with the supporters will not stop it from building up.

The last few weeks have been nothing compared to what the next few will be like if things don’t radically change for the better.

Those inside Celtic have lived a fairly closed off existence due to the virus, or there would already be changes in the wind. I firmly believe that. But those changes are coming anyway, and anything less than a win today will bring them closer to home.

Look, let’s be honest, a victory today has to happen at all costs. If we fail to secure three points, then the clamour of the last few weeks will be nothing compared to the next few. That mood amongst the fans at the moment isn’t acceptance, it’s resignation.

We aren’t happy with the situation but at the moment the board has made the decision and only events will change it. We haven’t accepted that judgement, we are resigned to having to deal with it and whatever consequences it brings.

They should not believe that the relative peace of the last few days in in any way a reflection on how we are all feeling. We didn’t witness a miracle on Thursday night; the team lost that game after blowing at 2-0 lead. It is what it is. We have no power to change it … only the board can.

If they truly believe one good result today will make it all fine they are mad.

But a bad result … oh man, that will be hard for some people to survive.

From the moment the directors gave their statement in midweek about getting behind the manager I knew that all talk of a change before this game was forlorn. It’s why I said that the Europa League game on Thursday was a free hit, and shame on the club for that.

Today is the deadly serious business of winning league points.

Nothing less than three of them will do, and most of us don’t particularly care how it’s done, although a convincing win might help bolster the impression that we’re improving. I don’t think we are, but I know a lot of folk will want to hang onto the idea for as long as they can.

A denouement is coming. When a manager is surviving game to game it always is. It seems like an act of lunacy to keep Lennon in the job at the moment, but lunacy is what our club has wholeheartedly embraced, so on we go with it.

Today has to end well, I cannot put it more plainly. Or it will end very badly indeed.

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