Brian Rice Is Having A Laugh With His Stupid Comments On Celtic’s Penalty.

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I understand that Brice Rice is not happy. He played against us today with a lot of players out of his team.

The 3-0 defeat flattered them though, but at least it wasn’t 8-0, which was the score when they last visited Ibrox.

I don’t remember him complaining that much that day though; instead he poured honey all over the home team. We got none of that.

Instead there were doubts cast on our penalty.

Which he said was “a present.” From who, exactly?

Surely he doesn’t mean today’s ref, whose first act of the game was to book a Celtic player for nothing.

If he wasn’t to see real presents given, he wants to look at Collum’s performance against Hibs today where I thought he should have won the MOTM award for the home side ahead of Joe Aribo. Of course the BBC wants to focus on Rice’s claim rather than Ross Jack’s, who had two of them turned down flat, including a Hagi high boot which would have been too much for Cobra Kai.

Rice is kidding himself if he thinks the game came down to the penalty.

We were in total command.

Our young keeper should have brought himself a sheepskin rug, wrapped himself in it and went for a kip in the corner of the net, so little did he have to do.

We were far and away the better team and the result didn’t do justice to the performance, which was as good as anything we’ve seen in a while.

We kept them under pressure from the first minute to the last and we should actually have scored more.

I am sure that the media, tomorrow, will focus on how well we played and not on Brice Rice’s wholly manufactured controversy!

(Don’t worry, I’m laughing as well.)

What they ought to be focussed on is that we’ve secured another three points, our forwards and our midfield are combining well and getting goals and that once again we’ve not conceded a goal.

What’s the betting that our win today will be branded as somehow lucky, that Rice’s penalty claim will make the headlines, that the media will speculate where we’d have been without it?

You could write this stuff for them at times.

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