Celtic Has Finally (Accidently) Hit On The System That Works. Don’t Change It Now, Neil Lennon.

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I love it when a plan comes together. Even if it’s not what was intended.

Why am I thinking about Viagra right now?

I’m thinking about Viagra because it was invented to cure hypertension.

The current use for it was discovered by accident, as a side-effect.

Lennon would never have gone 4-4-2 because it is so far outside of the playing system he’s favoured since coming back … but events forced it on us.

So a lack of available wide men and an over-abundance of central midfielders has forced us to look at a system which protects the defence, utilises two strikers and sacrifices natural width.

And by God, what do you know? It has perked us up! We’re suddenly look in the mood and up for it!

This actually gets the job done.

(No more Viagra jokes, honestly.)

We’ve arrived, by mistake, where the whole season and the composition of this squad has been leading us for months.

The whole balance of the team looks better.

My lengthy piece on why the 4-4-2 can work at Ibrox looks even more on the nose after this game than it did before it.

This system just fits us perfectly, from back to front.

Celtic still has work to do prior to Ibrox.

We need to win on Wednesday night as well; at this time of the year the games come thick and fast.

The system works though, and another of the real benefits of it wasn’t even apparent until today; it has forced us to ditch that part of our game which many fans hated the most, the long bomb up the wing and the useless cross into a packed penalty box.

Now we are more direct and through the middle.

Which is great because its where our best players can shine, and some of them shone today.

I want to focus on them in another article. For now, I’m pretty pleased to see that the 4-4-2 performed as advertised today; we look rigid, we looked lean and mean and we got stuck in.

This really has helped us to score more easily, and better.

(Oh alright, there were a few more in there!)

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