Celtic Should Ignore All This “Injuries At Ibrox” Nonsense, For That Is What It Is.

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So there’s a mini “injury crisis” at Ibrox is there?

Well, actually, no there isn’t.

They have one player who’s almost certainly out – Ryan Jack – and one player who might be out, Scott Arfield.

That’s about as far from being an injury crisis as you can get.

It’s an injury. One injury. And a maybe.

This is pathetic stuff from our media and from the Ibrox coaches. Celtic went into the game against this lot at Celtic Park missing half a dozen players, top players, and nobody felt in the least bit sorry for us. It was all about how big a squad we have and how we’d cope.

Last time I looked, they had a big squad at Ibrox as well.

With those two out – if they are – they would be able to play global superstars (in the minds of the fans) Zuniga, Davis, Aribo and the so-called “pass king” (as I wrote last night) Glen Kamara. So the pity party is as ridiculous as it is unbelievable.

If these guys can be glued together they will play some role in the game; there is nothing surer. We heard all this before when we played the Ibrox club the last time, and nearly every one of their squad players was fit for the match.

Our own squad is probably going to be okay minus Forrest, who is going to be back in training soon. But not soon enough for my liking. We’ve definitely missed him. Still, I worry that if he was fit and available that we would no longer be playing two up front … so it’s probably a good thing that we are where we are right now with that.

The press coverage of this “injury crisis” at Ibrox is quite amusing.

You’d almost think they were getting their excuses in early, but that can’t possibly be, can it?

Because they don’t expect to lose this one, do they? In fact, aren’t they supremely confident they’ll win it?

Well, aren’t they?

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