Who Knew Celtic’s Best Signing Of The Window Would Prove To Be The Local Bhoy?

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Hype is a strange thing.

If you’re listening to the hype you can miss the real story at times.

This might be one of those times.

Over the course of the summer I thought our business was generally excellent.

I thought for a while that Duffy would certainly be the most important business we did, but watching Ajeti early on he looked a sure fire bet.

It’s not going to be either of them. Both have disappointed in their own way, Ajeti mostly because he hasn’t started as many games as he might have. Duffy has been a real let down, but even that might change if we get the system right and he settles down.

It won’t matter at this point how well either of them does, nor if Barkas comes back onto a game and starts to look like a winner. T

he real signing of the summer, and potential steal of the century, is the kid we bought from Motherwell, Scotland’s own David Turnbull.

Last night, on the BBC, all three members of the panel, Stewart, Thompson and even Neil McCann, were effusive in their praise for the young midfielder.

McCann thinks he’s the natural replacement for Brown; this shows you why he’s flopped as a manager as the two don’t even play in the same position.

But on the larger point he is correct; this is who we will build Celtic’s next formidable team around, and you can see that already.

This was echoed by Thompson and by Stewart, who clearly thinks Turnbull has everything.

He’s 100% right about that.

I’ve been a fan for a while, but I really have been taken by surprise by how quickly he has slotted into the team.

He’s also started to score, regularly.

He has to start against the Ibrox club; there is just no way that he won’t be playing on Sunday.

Whatever questions there are about the keeper, about Soro or Brown, this one has surely been decided.

The thing is with Turnbull, he has had a turbulent settling in period at the club so what we are seeing right now, as good as it is, is miles from what he’s already capable of producing and that is miles from where his potential lies.

This kid is going to be a superstar.

Whatever we will remember about our summer in years to come, the historical picture will look a lot better because it was the one in which we signed this guy. Turnbull will win things with us. He will win things for us. He is one of the reasons we’ve got a chance in a week’s time, and that will give us a genuine shot at keeping our SPL crown.

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